FS Germany 2023

/// August 14th to 20th: FSG 2023 – Having come excruciatingly close to taking part in the dynamics twice before we were determined to finally make it happen in Hockenheim.

And with what will stand as a historic moment, on Friday, the 18th, the RUB23e became the first electrically powered vehicle by RUB Motorsport to successfully complete a dynamic discipline during a Formula Student week. Our skid pad runs marked one of the most memorable occasions of the entire season.

We lined up for acceleration next but electronics problems prevented us from competing in both this discipline and autocross. However, Sunday proved to be another historic day as we took to the track in the endurance. With a massive ditch running across the tarmac we decided to take off the front wing in order not to damage it terminally. 
But while the car looked a bit odd that certainly wasn’t the reason it turned a few heads. The RUB23e turned out to be one of the quicker cars, lapping competitively and passing rivals. Unfortunately, it didn’t last for as long as planned. Another electronics fault meant the vehicle would stop several times next to the track before it ground to a halt for one final time on lap 9 and then didn’t engage the ready-to-drive-mode. Making it to almost half-time was a brilliant success.

While it may not be exactly what we set out to achieve ahead of the season, once the realisation of the size of our achievements will have sunk in completely we will be a bit more generous to ourselves. It was an absolutely unbelievable season in virtually every respect and we want to thoroughly thank each and every team member for their effort and all of our sponsors and partners for their support since only they allow us to to what we do. It means the world to us!

Pictures from FSG can be viewed here: Link

Photo above: © FSG, Maru

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